Grammar Capsule

Greetings and Good wishes from Velammal “The eloquence of a language is graced by the rules of its grammar”       


We extend our sincere thanks and special appreciation to you for rendering sustained interest and unstinted support throughout the conduct of Velammal English Grammar Capsule. As you all know, words, phrases and sentences are the bases of any language. An error in their use may shake the very foundation of the language and make an expression meaningless or ambiguous in a context. Therefore an aspirant has to cle ar those barriers before they begin their voluminous studies and so sentence correction is one of the verbal problems in any kind of competitive examinations. Knowing the common structures and the nuances of the language is crucial to understand the written text and to express accurately and precisely.


Velammal English Grammar Capsule is an examination based learning venture enveloping the Velammal Trust Schools in Chennai, Madurai, Theni, Karur, Thanjavur and Vellore. Yester years have enlightened the cordial co-operation extended by Trust Schools in organizing Velammal English Grammar Capsule extensively. We are certain that this year also a similar response would inspire and enable us to accomplish our efforts successfully.